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[Info] List of Gentoo packages with required kernel options
Viewed 2715 times since Fri, Sep 23, 2016
    Package Name Kernel options required app-emulation/docker-1.11.0  *   CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES:   is not set when it should be. *   CONFIG_CGROUP_DEVICE:       is not set when it should be. *   CONFIG_MEMCG:   ... Read More
[Guide] Migrate Gentoo Portage to Git
Viewed 1728 times since Sun, Nov 6, 2016
Migrate Gentoo Portage to Git Install Git emerge -av dev-vcs/git Update your gentoo repos.conf file vi /etc/portage/repos.conf/gentoo.conf add the following lines, comment the other equivalent lines: sync-type = git sync-uri = git://git.gentoo... Read More
[Info] Gentoo linux - useful commands
Viewed 1393 times since Mon, Oct 13, 2014
# Portage cleaning commands: > eclean-dist --destructive > emerge -ca (removes obsolete packages not required by anything else)   # Rebuilding dependencies: > revdep-rebuild > emerge @preserved-rebuilds   # Open new terminal and run... Read More
[Info] Useful Gentoo packages
Viewed 1351 times since Sun, Nov 9, 2014
genlop is a portage utility for extracting information about emerged ebuilds from portage log files. root # emerge --ask app-portage/genlop     Read More